Hatha Yoga in brief

Hatha Yoga:

A systematic practice is devised in Yoga to train and optimize the physical body by which a practitioner achieves full control over the physical body and gradually achieves control over Prana and Mind. Ultimately, control of Prana and mind leads to self-realization and eternal bliss. This system of practice is called Hatha Yoga.

The following are the main parts explained in Hatha Yoga

Pradipika: a. Asana b. Pranayama c. Mudra d. Nadanushandhan

Sage Gherand has explained seven tools of Hatha Yoga in Gherand Samhita.

a. Shatkarma for the purification of the body

b. Asana for Dridhta (firmness)

c. Mudra for Sthirta (Steadiness)

d. Pratyahara for Dhairya (Preseverance)

e. Pranayama for Sharirik sphurti (lightness)

f. Dhyana for Atma Sakshatkar (Self-realisation)

g. Samadhi for Nirliptata and Mukti (attainment of liberation).

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